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Polyester thread stitched on mylar film.

Every day, in school, at work, at home there's a girl who's brain get very busy thinking she's doing something wrong, or that she is not good enough. She is divided: The perfect self and the real-self.

An amazing girl who tries to be perfect, for whom failure can be terrifying. This girl becomes upset with herself and feeling ashamed of who she is as a human being. Her sense of self is deeply connected with her "perfect persona" so much, that when she makes a little mistake, her learning process, productivity and focus become affected. Her brain is overwhelmed by negative and blameful thoughts that ultimately harm her self-love and self-esteem. Unrealistic expectations prevent her from seeing failures as opportunities to learn from and grow stronger.

When girls aren't given opportunities to fail in a safe environment, free of negative judgment by their caregivers, teachers, and friends, the frontal cortex in their brains can't exercise. They are robbed of the chance to learn through these experiences, of understanding their emotions and their ability to make good choices and feel strong about their decisions and human value.

As a woman, and mother I say: we must rethink the way we educate girls to encourage them to know they have the capacity to choose and decide from a very young age. Every day, giving them opportunities to exercise their positive thinking so they get the necessary tools to grow into strong women who are able to appreciate their value and worth as humans with extraordinary capacities and talents.